is a series of portraits of those who are close to us, and who inspire us.

Portraits by Jason Frank Rothenberg. All clothes by Vena Cava.
  • This Vena Cava Friends portraits set stars my Mom Suzanne. Suzanne is a psychologist who lives in L.A. She is one hell of a woman and mother. She enjoys yoga, surfing, reading, cooking, cold beers, and hanging out with her friends. She has been wearing VC since the beginning. You're a great muse Mom!!!

  • The installation of the series stars our dear pal Ashley Butler. Ashley works for Partners and Spade in NYC. She is a redhead who reminds us of a film noir movie star. Those lips, that drama. She's the best eBay shopper we know, and has helped with countless Vena Cava projects since the beginning. She's a real life muse. Thank you Jason for taking such amazing photos. 

  • This set in our series stars our buddy Emily, a tree and basketball hoop in her backyard, and a few pieces from Fall 11.  I’ve known Emily since she was four and I was not much older.  At the time she was going through her no-clothes-wearing phase, and now she wears VC like a champ!  She's an awesome acrobat, and friend, and one of the funniest folks I know.  Love you, Em!